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President message

The beginning of the business


Establishment of DAISEN Co., Ltd., the first to set up a forest building materials Co., Ltd. in 1955 began to be delivered a wooden frame materials to Mitsubishi Electric Nakatsugawa Works.

Then, Styrofoam go into 1960 has been domestic production. At the same time, we began the development of a molding machine and the mold. And, we installed them in our own factory, and began production. Company name was also renamed the Central styrene Corporation.

We, our create and own research and development, using the mold and its molding machine, went to expand the molding business of EPS. EPS production volume of packaging materials, went reached 100 per tonne month. As at the time, it became the top-level molding factory in Japan.

Many people who are interested in Styrofoam molding, has a high reputation in this DAISEN system, we introduced our products in each region of Japan and overseas.

Daisen Industrial birth

1970, the birth of Daisen Industrial Co., Ltd., began to manufacture and sell the molding machine, mold and factory equipment.

Our own designed and manufactured the machine, molds, we have been molding business to use in our own molding plant.

Expansion into overseas

Entered in 1980, Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, to North America, was to expand the business.

Currently, major turning point

Today, production locations in the consumer electronics electronic industry and the automotive industry, has changed in the era from the former Western powers to Asian emerging regions rise.

In addition, in Japan is due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the business environment surrounding the manufacturing industry, we have reached a major turning point.

Efforts to the future

Through the molding test plant that has been built up our many years, in particular, the supply of the highest of the molding machine and labor-saving system, energy conservation, we will focus on these two points.

DAISEN of efforts, while responsive to the changes of the times, we will pursue the foaming resin applications.

In the research and development of the cooperation of industry, academia and government projects, using a solid porous molding technology, we are working to create a functional component.

Automobile, agricultural and fishery production, in industrial fields of civil construction, the development of applications is expected.

With one-of-a-kind technology and the best service and customer satisfaction to pursue the joy of “manufacturing”.

Mr.Tatsuo Hayashi of the founder, always honor the candid advice to become a force of improvement than words of praise, which we pursue ingenuity to the original.

History of DAISEN is to develop our own, to their own production use, there in the history of technology development for over 50 years.

It is revolutionary, “VS heating system” to minimize the heating and cooling of the mold, it has also been demonstrated to born from the labor-saving “SVS utility mold desorption system”, “electric drive system.”

I, these technologies to further development, “one-of-a-kind technology” for a new molding performance to our customers, will deliver further “one-of-a-kind service.”

We will continue to create value for the future.

President Akira Hayashi